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Where in the sky do I need to point my satellite system? The calculator will tell you! Not only is it City friendly, it also help you with every satellite in the sky from C-Band Satellites to DIRECTV satellites, EchoStar satellites and even DIRECPC's satellite.


Seasonal Guide
Weather Guide
Technical Guide
Technical Guide
Sports Blackout Info
Sports Blackouts
4DTV Technical Guide
4DTV Tech Support
Echostar 710 Owners Manual
C-Band Satellite
Receiver  Manuals
Lost your DSS Manual Click here for an online one
DSS Receiver Manuals
Need to programme your remote control Here is a list of codes for TVs, VCRs, Cable boxes
Remote Codes  
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Satellite Chart
DIRECDUO Manual DIRECPC Software Manual
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Before you call or send us an E-mail with your satellite questions, check out our Trouble Shooter guides. Prepared by our trained satellite technicians, our Trouble Shooter guides answers many of the most common questions about operating a satellite system and satellite technology. Just click on the icon below to see our Trouble Shooter Guides.