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Baylin B-HSTI
Retails at: $99.95  
Our Discount: $60.00  
Your Price: $39.95  

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Product ID Description Valued at:
   3822  2nd Generation System with a Quad LNB, Infrared remote control and front panel controls. This unit is packed with the new DISH 500 dish. All of our systems have crystal-clear digital video and CD-quality audio.With Open-TV(* For first Time Dish Network Customers.) $89.95
   4002IFD  The 4002 IFD offers higher performance (much greater stopband rejection) than the 4001 IFD. This is necessary when COMBINlNG satellite and VHF/UHF signals onto one cable because LNB noise extends down into the UHF spectrum and can degrade (add noise to) UHF TV reception if not adequately filtered out before connection to the distribution cable. Model 40121FD is identical except a DC Pass is also provided to the VHF/UHF input to power a preamplifier such as Model OO65DSB which is optimized for operation from a satellite receiver's LNB voltage. $39.95
Total Value of:$129.90 

   Low Speed Data Port
   Modular Telco
   RF Input
   RF Output
   Satellite Input

   Cabinet Color : Smoke
Dimensions: W: 2 H: 3 D: 4
   Shipping Weight : 4


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