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World Satellite TV And Scrambling Methods by Frank Baylin, Richard Maddox and John McCormac 3rd Edition A must for technicians, satellite professionals and serious do-it-yourselfers. The design, operation and repair of satellite antennas, feeds, LNBs, receivers and modulators are examined in detail. This expert guide is complemented by explicit illustrations and contains an in-depth study of scrambling methods and broadcast formats. Over 200 photos, diagrams, wiring schematics and 16 tables. 356 pages.
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by Frank Baylin, Richard Maddox and John McCormac 3rd Edition

This thorough text is a must-buy for technicians, satellite professionals and do-it-yourselfers. The design, operation and repair of satellite dishes, feeds, LNBs & receivers/modulators are examined in detail. An in-depth study of scrambling methods and broadcast formats is the backdrop to a discussion of all current American and European satellite TV technologies including the VideoCipher II, Oak Orion, FilmNet, Sky Channel, EuroCypher, D2 MAC, BSB and Teleclub Payview III. Curcuit and block diagrams of all components are presented and clearly explained throughout the handbook. This information is a prelude to the chapters on troubleshooting and setting up a test bench. This expert guidance on testing, servicing and tuning is complimented by a wealth of detailed illustrations.

PARTIAL CONTENTS: The Satellite System. Early designs. Dishes. Feeds. Polarization Formats. Polarity Selection & Control. Troubleshooting. Low Noise Amplifiers. Waveguides. Troubleshooting. Down conversion Methods. Cables and Connectors. Coax. Insulated Wire. Custom Cables. Sealing. Positioning Systems. Basic Motor Controllers. Feedback Circuits. End Point Limiters. Troubleshooting. Power Supplies. Actuator Controllers. IC Regulators. Troubleshooting. IF Circuits. Amplifiers. Bandpass Filters. Limiter Circuits. Troubleshooting. Video Processing. Demodulator Circuits. Video Processing. Audio Processing. Audio Subcarrier Specifications. Typical Audio Circuitry. Other Audio Detection Circuits. Stereo Broadcast Methods. Audio Companding. Dolby Noise Reduction. Troubleshooting & Aligning Audio Circuits. RF Modulators. Broadcast Formats. RF Modulator Circuits. Crystal Modulators. RF Interference. Troubleshooting. Miscellaneous Receiver Circuits. Indicator & LED Circuits. LED Read-out Displays. Remote Controls. Complete Circuit Descriptions. European & American Receiver Circuits and Comparisons. TV Operation. Broadcast Formats. NTSC, PAL, SECAM & MAC. Digital Audio. The Digit 2000 TV Receiver.
Teletext. Basic Scrambling Methods. Video & Audio Techniques. Digital & Analog Methods. DES Algorithm. Smart Cards. Pioneer Scrambling Systems. Telease/SAVE. Zenith SSAVI. Case Studies. RITC Discrete. OAK Orion. IRDETO. Sound-in-Sync. Lorentz PCM2.
Filmnet. Telease SAVE. Payview III, VideoCrypt. VideoCipher II and II Plus. MAC Variants Decoder Connections. Connections. Loopthrough and Chaining. Future Developments. European & Worldwide Standards. Security & Cost. Legalities. Setting Up a Test Bench. Equipment.
Synthesized Tuned TV. Troubleshooting. Field Checking Microwave Components. Substitution. Troubleshooting Microprocessors. Specialized Components. Diodes. Transistors. ICs. Hybrid Components. SAWs Filters. Appendices. Active Component Guilde. Equations. Glossary.
Channel Allocations. Manufacturers.

356 pages / 8.5x11" / over 200 photos, diagrams, wiring schematics / 16 tab


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