DIRECTV Equipment Wizard

In how many rooms would you like to receive DIRECTV® Programming?

Would you like an 18" Round Dish (dual lnb) or an 18" X 20" Oval Dish (triple lnb)?

 18" LNB Dish Antenna  Elliptical Triple LNB Dish Antenna 
What is the difference?

 Would you like your system to include a DVR (Digital Video Recording) or HDTV (High Definition Television)?
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 DVR Such as TiVo or UltimateTV
 HDTV (Elliptical Triple LNB Dish Antenna Only)
 Would you like your system to include these features?

 Dolby Digital Sound   UHF  RF Remote (Control your receiver from
                                                                     up to 100 feet away.)

        Do you have a brand preference? 


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